Shadow VR will not start

  • 12 December 2020
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Hi! After a successful first experience with ShadowVR (see my post on the #vr-discussion channel of the Shadow France Discord server), a few days ago, I failed to make it work this morning… The update progress was stuck.

I recorded a 11-minute video to share my experience, hoping that it would help you understand what happened and know how to fix it: 


… and a second (shorter) one, after restarting ShadowVR: 


On my end, as I am a software developer and would love to provide you with more details, I think that it would be helpful to display some logs, to see what’s happening and display any errors that may have happened.


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13 replies

News: I tried again this morning. This time, I was stuck at the “Starting ShadowVR” screen.

I would have liked to login from Shadow’s desktop client, on my Mac, to see what’s going on on the Shadow PC. But it takes so much time to install the “officielle” version back onto it (which seems to be required whenever I try to login again from desktop) that I prefer to wait for your reply before trying anything else.


Yup have the same issue Adrien.


I think something has changed at the shadow end. 


Previously the update for the Shadow VR would jump to 10% then 30% odd then higher percentages but in random amounts.  Now it jumps to 8% then progresses in 8-9% chunks pretty evenly until 100%.


I think then streaming does not start as the screen is completely black.


If the dev team is needs some 360 backgrounds for the launching arena pm me



Best working solution for Shadow and Quest2 its to use Virtual Desktop and the Shadow-Alpha client. 

No shutdown after 30min. U can find the Alpha client in Shadow Discord. 

Hi Anubisxtreme


Why use both ShadowVR Alpha and Virtual Desktop?  I am intrigued as usually use one or the other,  How does that work?



Hey VRPete.

First. Im soory for my bad english ^^ 

I use Shadow VR-Alpha app no more because it dont works proberly with Quest2. Its a known issue and the Devs are working hard 2 solv this problem. 

I use a Windows Laptop and the problem was the shutdown after 30 min. With the normal Shadow client.

But with the Shadow Alpha client and Virtual Desktop it detect the input from the Quest controllers and i have no more shutdowns. 

I think this Information its only important 4 Quest2 users. 

I hope they fix the Quest2 problems soon. The idea to start shadow direct in Quest is awesome. 

@Shadow Team

Thanks 4 your great work. Keep it up





thank you for letting me know.   I am using a Quest 1 so a non issue for me.


This is what I plan to sort over the holidays….


That would be truly exceptional!


Good luck


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Hi @adrienjoly and thank you for your feedback.
We are aware start issues are still hindering the experience.
For a few days now we have been working on Continuous Integration and merging our VR environment with our alpha desktop one. This is a transition step that is generating more issues for the moment.

As soon as we are done with it, I will inform you so you can test again.

Thank you for your reply, Raph!

I’m confident that setting up CI and merging with Shadow’s Desktop Alpha are a necessary effort, and will make your work more effective in the coming weeks. 💪

Keep up the good work, and talk to you soon, then!


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Adding myself to this thread for notification of changes in situation.

Adding myself to this thread for notification of changes in situation.

same!...just got my shadow, so keen to try out their alpha app!

I’d like to add my name to this as well.   Really would love to get this up and running!

So am I correct that Shadow VR is simply not working at all right now?  Just got my account running, got Steam and everything installed and ready to rock, and can’t get past the start button in the Alpha app.  In fact once I’ve clicked it, if I remove the headset and put it back on, I just get the 3 dots of death.  Have to reboot the headset to get it back.


I got a Shadow expressly for VR so I’m really hoping it will work, and soon!

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Last I checked the VR client did not work for me, but it is in alpha after all. I’m waiting on the next release.