Can y'all please intall the VR drivers on my Shadow Infinite?

  • 8 December 2020
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Hey y’all,

I am aware that Shadow VR app is in the alpha stage and upon trying it, it definitely needs a lot of work to be done. I have been a part of the VR Testing Program with Shadow and have another machine that has been assigned to me which is dedicated for VR. 

Instead of taking up resources on your end, why don’t y’all install the requisite drivers that would enable me to use Virtual Desktop and VR on my Infinite so that y’all can free up my other VR machine and give it to some other tester who can give you feedback as well? 
I constantly switch between VR and flat games and there are months I am consumed by flat games and months in VR at a time. 

This will help create a smoother experience for me and not come off as I am not testing/utilizing the Shadow VR computer as much. 


Appreciate your help!


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