Enable 120hz for Oculus Quest 2

  • 9 November 2021
  • 4 replies

Is enabling 120 hz planned for a future update?


4 replies

I’d like to see 120hz enabled too .. any update on this? 

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Ah! Yeah! On the new Beta app I’m locked out at 72! I’ve had a good experience but I’ve decided to move back to virtual desktop on the mean time as it is the best case scenario for me. 

I do have it enabled in the quest 2 experimental features. But the shadow alpha app does not seem to respect this? I’m still only getting 90 hz available to me on steamvr using shadow alpha. Although I do get 120 hz using VR desktop instead. 

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You can enable it already within the quest experimental features. I have not had a good luck with it though, I barely get around 100 fps on a good day. So I’m sticking to 90Hz for now.