How do you fix the controller binding in SteamVR Games like Boneworks and Skyrim?

  • 31 May 2022
  • 1 reply

So I’ve tried to play SkyrimVR and Boneworks on ShadowVR. Initially thought it might have been the Skyrim  or connection issue since my controllers kept working weirdly.But today I downloaded boneworks and the controllers completely don’t work. Tried to use a different controller binding for the game as how others fixed their controllers on plutosphere but still nothing. The controllers are stuck and also my field of view is terribly limited. When I move my head around rapidly, I could see the black spots at the corner of my eye. Not sure if anyone has these issues as well. Quite disappointed as I had high hopes. I’ll be trying with VD and shadow PC next time but if anyone know how to fix this, it would be great.

1 reply


Sadly, Its not fixable. But you could get VD and run it on Shadow so All those bugs are fixed