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Pimp your Oculus Quest 2 Headset Shadow Style

  • 25 February 2021
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Dear #TeamShadow,

We are interrupting this program with our very own r/wheredidthesodago-esque, completely hand-crafted advertisement. So please stand by as we present our newest community-made Oculus Quest 2 fashion to all of you!

Hey you!

Don’t you just hate it when you look like a fool to your peers when playing your favorite VR games on your Oculus Quest 2, because you missed Shadow’s latest fashion advice for the avid VR-gamer? 🙄


We say: No more! ❌❌❌

It’s time to shine like the diamond that you are when jumping around in your pyjamas, fighting off virtual bad guys. 👍



The Shattering Shadow 💥

Shattering Shadow is the choice for gamers that prefer a dark and gritty look displaying the true earth-shattering power of gaming in the cloud. 

This subtle, yet powerful design will make you stand-out among your friends.

And that’s a Shadow promise!


The Headcrab :crab:

Fans of post-apocalyptic games will find that The Headcrab will not only give you that additional edge of immersiveness but also makes every Oculus Quest 2 blend right in with your collection of Half-Life and Fallout collectibles. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your VR headset and gamers’ den with this treat!



A big “Thank you!” to Hartcastle#6534 (from our ENG Discord) for this incredible work and the generosity of sharing his 3D blueprints with the community. It’s the work of a true champion! 💪

If you like these designs and the contribution, please leave a 👍 to this post. And feel free to give a shout out to our homeboy Hartcastle while you are at it!

Here’s how to pimp your headset :fire:

If you’d like to pimp your head-mounted displays with these unique designs, feel free to download the blueprints (.stl) and print it either yourself or send a request to your local 3D-printing service! Find them in form of a zip-archive attached to this post.


And yes, they are completely free of charge!

2 replies

Do I have to print this, or is this coming soon?

Do I have to print this, or is this coming soon?

You will have to print these yourself, or find someone to print them for you.
Try Google someone in your area, maybe you get lucky :D