Quest 2 with iMac + Shadow VR not showing up

  • 15 February 2021
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I can’t connect anything from iMac computer to  Shadow.


I tried connecting my phone but my iMac is picking it up.


I really want to play VR but my experience on trying every possible way to connect, was bad. 
I paid $20 for the virtual Desktop thing, I downloaded side quest, I did everything (I hope) correctly. :( I wish there was a good guide.


im on iMac computer (2014 model) 

I have a 3.1 usb wire for my Quest 2 from Amazon.

I have 5Ghz internet.


im seeing YouTubers playing VR and I’m jealous.


can someone help me me? 


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It might help you to read up on shadows post about the ALPHA build of the shadow client. Follow the instructions and go from their. Gelgoog.