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Shadow and the Oculus Quest Store

  • 16 March 2021
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Hey dear friends of VR,

In the first week of March, Facebook made some changes to their
Quest Virtual Reality Check (VRC) Guidelines that affect the future of the Shadow VR App.

They are just guidelines you say? Well sadly, unlike the parley, those
‘VRC’ Guidelines are actual rules that should be followed if you want to publish an app in Facebook’s Oculus Quest Store and App Lab

The changes

Amongst the changes of the guidelines are changes to the aspect of streaming VR content to the Oculus Quest 1, as well as Oculus Quest 2 which have the biggest impact on the rollout plan and accessibility of the Shadow App.


Quote: “Applications that stream interactive, immersive VR content may only do so from a local PC that the customer has physical access to.

This means that Shadow won’t be able to publish the Shadow VR App on the Oculus Quest Store or the App Lab for as long as the guidelines are in place and formulated as they are. 

What now?

Nothing will change for now.

We will of course continue to develop the app and it will continue to be available on Sidequest. 

💡 If you need help to get Shadow VR up and running, please check out our “How to use the Shadow VR Alpha

Have a great day,


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