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  • 4 December 2020
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Hello well I just found out we are buying a quest 1 now so we can use the VR alpha app.  Can someone please help us. There are 4 or 5 of us trying to figure this out lol ? So In a nutshell I know how to download apps from sidequest but when we read HBR I instructions it says step one use ShadowVR alpha for search bar on SQ bug when we try and put that In search bar but nothing comes up having to do with Shadow VR? Also we were given a link showing the app but there is no link to put in the search bar ?  Are we supposed to use a browser on the quest ?  We have no clue and I have a feeling there are a few people like me at least that can’t figure it out ?  Thank you very much for the help. Really appreciate it 😀😀