Shadow VR beta in Sidequest = great experience!

  • 25 November 2021
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Just wanted to say the day I decided to set up my Quest 2 with Shadow was the day I saw the “Beta” version had been posted to Sidequest alongside the Alpha, so I went for it and was blown away.

Once Shadow VR will be a quick install from the Quest Store and a simple login with your credentials it’ll be a game-changer. My SteamVR copy of Arizona Sunshine installed lightning fast and booted flawless with no lag or diminished image quality (and this was through an Eero wireless repeater into a larger room).

Only issue I had with it was quitting, I’m not sure if it crashed the machine or I selected the wrong option and closed out of Shadow by mistake but it was jarring; that being said I’m looking forward to jumping back in this weekend for some extended play time!

1 reply

I had never managed to get the Alpha working so when I saw your post yesterday, I thought I’d try the Beta.  OMG it’s so much better, and actually works for me.  


I had long delays before it would get around to working but I’m so pleased that after paying for Shadow for 7 months, I can now get some use out of it :D


Highly recommend to anyone that hasn’t yet tried the Beta.  Congrats to the Devs for the work so far.  I now have big hopes for this in the future :)