Small Review of Shadow VR

  • 1 January 2021
  • 3 replies

Small review of the alpha shadow VR version (tested on Quest 2)

Positive points :

  • Quick start
  • Total absence of artifacts & compression (compared to Virtual Desktop)
  • Lag nonexistent
  • Steam and Oculus compatible games \O/

Negative points :

  • Oculus Touch buttons not detected
    -> Impossible then to set steamVR or its games to see how far you can push the image quality.
  • It's not your head that makes the camera turn (like any VR experience) but the right-handed joystick.
  • No desktop return possible (but here it is perhaps a choice of Shadow to simplify everything as much as possible)

Points to check

  • Can we play games that are not steam compatible but added to steam?

Summary :

For alpha, an incredible experience, my wallet thanks you (I had initially planned to buy a pc dedicated to VR). 
Honestly the lag and compression were a pain on VD and you were able to erase it directly from the alpha, it's phew !

Good job to the developers, count on me to try this software at the next changelog 

Sorry for my poor English ;)

3 replies

Edit : 

I have tested the shadow VR application at greater length

I fixed the zoom problem by resetting the VR shadow app and my Shadow session about ten times.

Then I realized that the application, once launched, doesn't fit well on the lenses, I had to change the pupil distance to 2.

The graphics are still really better than Virtual Desktop, and the latency too, but the image shake is too much to make the experience pleasant.

I'll certainly test it again in the next update. Maybe I'll finally be able to play Half-Life Alyx and Walking Dead properly ;)

Courage guys, don't give up this idea of making RV approaching a local experience, like you managed to do for the "flats" games ;)

Translated with (free version)

I have restarted the application and the head tracking working properly…
...but I have a ultra zoom in steam VR and I can’t choose my game because it’s too zoomed

Do you have a tricks for avoid this issue ?

Hi and thank you,
Your post made my dev friends happy :)
Though I am surprised you don’t manage to make Virtual Desktop work properly.

Also, your head should make the camera turn so you must have an issue somewhere. As for the desktop return, we are working on it.
And yes you can play Oculus store or Viveport games on SteamVR by installing Revive on your shadow.