Tunelling USB devices to Shadow VR ?

  • 7 January 2022
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Hello fellow ShadowVRers !

Here is the situation : I’ve got Shadow VR working with my Quest 2, now I’d like to be able to play Elite Dangerous … the thing is I need my HOTAS controller in Shadow VR.

First thing I tried was to connect through my local PC with the standard Shadow app in order to get the USB forwarding, but of course only one client connexion is allowed, so obviously when I tried to connect through Shadow VR I got kicked out from the PC app and lost USB forwarding.

Next I figured I could manually forward some USB devices to my Shadow using some kind of software (which one ?), so I did setup a VPN client to connect my Shadow PC to my local network. Stupid me. Note for later: never *ever* install a Wireguard client on Shadow PC, now I’ve lost connexion and I need to reset to factory settings. Nevertheless maybe a solution using SSH forwarding.

So here is my question : is there (or will there be) some standard easy way I did not think of to connect local USB devices to the Shadow instance while using Shadow VR ?

Maybe plug the controller directly into my Quest 2 and allow USB forwarding through the Shadow VR app ?

Thanks for reading ;-)

1 reply

Ok, a short followup in the case anyone is interested.


I could setup Wireguard in split-tunelling mode so as to make the IP adresses on my local network available to Shadow without loosing Shadow connexion from the PC client (hint : use the AllowedIPs parameter + some ip tables stuff on your VPN server)


Then I installed VirtualHere (server on my local machine, client on Shadow) and tunnelled my controller to Shadow.


Eventually I shot Shadow VR, which kicked me out of my PC client obviously, and launched Elite Dangerous. Which does not recognize my controller, so I’m back where I started :-(


I’ll go on experimenting, but indeed it would be *really* nice if Shadow VR could come up with some official way of tunelling the USB devices. At least for simulation games (e.g. Elite Dangerous and Dirt Rally 2, but probably also many other).