VR alpha app for NOOB

  • 20 January 2021
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Hello how is everyone ?  Is it ok for a tech noob like me to join the VR Alpha app ?  Also can someone please help me with putting the app on our quest 2?   I see them in the forum but I’m missing something the last time I tried ?   Thank you very much for the help 😀👍. Take care. 

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Hi Lioneagle1!


There’s no rules about “tech noobs” not being able to participate in the Alpha or Beta tests, however you should be aware that the software is very much incomplete and there are bugs, and you aren’t going to get much support from Shadow to resolve them.


The expectation of Alpha and Beta testers is to hunt down bugs, report them, and then wait for the next update to see if that bug still exists.  If you poke around the Forums a bit, you’ll see plenty of posts where people have problems with the Alpha build, and then get pissy when it’s not immediately “fixed” by Shadow.  That’s not how software testing works, so just try to temper your expectations if you decide that you want to try some cool tech before it’s really ready.


For installing the Alpha Build on your Quest(2), you will need to download an application called “Side Quest”.  You can do a quick Google search to find out how to do this, or there is a guide available somewhere in the forums as well.  Once you have it, you can download the Shadow VR app from the link provided in the latest post from Raphael.


Good Luck!