Will external apps work with Shadow VR Alpha

  • 2 February 2021
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Hello! I use shadowvr alpha with my quest and shadow boost, and I was wondering how/if you can use external steamvr apps with it. What I mean are apps that you download from something like and use steamvr to run, but are not downloaded on steam and as far as I know do not show up in Steam home. will this work with shadow vr alpha?


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3 replies

Yes.  If Steam VR works then every random VR game, app, mod, etc, will work, regardless of where you get it.  You really just need to make sure you launch Steam VR first before you run any .exe VR game/program.  You can get a shortcut up and running within Steam VR, I imagine, but you can also just use the desktop view (from the Steam VR menu) and launch it from there and it should switch.


Oculus’s whole program and API is where you’d run into trouble, but they aren’t doing that yet and they’re not going to remove Steam VR once/if they do support Oculus’s program and API, I imagine.



I actually run revive on my Shadow to also play my Rift exclusive game from within SteamVR


I just install Oculos on the shadow CP and download rift games to there and play it on my Quest