08/10 Weekly Post: Shadow Boost Activation Update

  • 10 August 2020
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52 replies

It don’t matter what I’m looking at. If I purchased on the 4th my order comes b4 some1 who ordered on the 22nd idgaf where they live. 

That’s not how shipping works though lol. You order in batches. Nobody is shipping one piece of hardware to a data center to provision for someone. They come in a chunk and are provisioned accordingly. And shipping to various places has different challenges. But if you’re so mad bro you can cancel ;)

I’ve been waiting since June 20th and I am hoping I’ll be activated this week while my friend who ordered on the same day got activated 3 weeks ago in a different data center. It’s the name of the game. 



If pre-order date is between June 16th - July 22nd:

Activation by end of September 2020 (delayed from August 2020)


especificamente BY end of September.... so probably October, November or December with luck....


This is disappoint