4:4:4 demo in the upcoming Shadow News

  • 10 March 2021
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4:4:4 demo in the upcoming Shadow News
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Hello #TeamShadow,


After a special Shadow News last week, it's back to business as usual, as we continue with our regular Shadow News.

But don’t be mistaken, ‘regular’ in our case means that we will discuss a lot of interesting new treats for your Shadow and (!) even showcase them to you live on stream.


Without further ado:

Here are our topics for the upcoming Shadow News:

...a new powerful optimization patch on the server side, called PerfV3! This method will increase the FPS performance and efficiency on your Shadow while you geek out and play games. 

📅 We will be live:

🙏 Don’t forget to RSVP to the event here* or here!
*this will open a Gcal window

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Ooh, iOS multi-screen. That’s big for people that have a USB-C hub with an HDMI port that’s feeling lonely.

How will the 4:4:4 work?

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@AlbaCorvidae  Its in alpha client atm.