Chapter 1 - looking back on the first week

Chapter 1 - looking back on the first week

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i cant wait to see where this go


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Any news on us unquestionably neglected EU customers, waits of up to a year are insane, does your leadership have a plan to move installs forward?

Upto a year? Try waiting since October 2019 ._.

But honestly, I can’t give Shadow too much shit. If they could get it out  faster, they would

Im sad man. 

I waited 6 months for my acount to be activated and got delayed. And all youre doing is being positive about the new changes and challanges without actually giving intell or insight on how much longer the new activations wil take….


Heh, and according to the email I just got: “*Price will increase to $29.99 per month in June. The exact date and more details will be communicated in a following email.”

:wave: RIP

I received the same communication. I’m a US customer that had the top tier and used it for Studio work as well as gaming. Now with Boost I can’t use it at all for the studio work and gaming would still be fine if they offered enough storage for my needs on that front.

Even still, having a full system accessible from any device would be fine at the $14.99/month price, but at $29.99/month there’s just no way I could justify what I’m getting at that price point. The competition for cloud gaming is too good to consider it against them.

Just a thought: If you couldn’t afford to keep leasing the graphics cards for the top tiers of the service in the US, maybe you should have considered asking us about raising prices for that service to pay for it and keep most of your customers, whom I’m sure would be more than happy to pay extra for it anyway (especially reading the comments here), rather than cut it off completely and almost certainly lose a huge amount of those customers that were using it.

Even worse, don’t just “hide” the fact you’re increasing the price of Boost in the fine print of an email.  I used to rant and rave about how great your were to everyone I could, but now I’ll have to steer everyone clear from this mess until I see some sort of clear improvement.