Color Enhancement: meet the new eye-popping feature

  • 29 July 2021
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Color Enhancement: meet the new  eye-popping feature
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It’s a feature a many of you have been craving - looking at you give444colors.

And today, we’re chuffed to release this eye-popping feature: Color Enhancement (formerly known as 4:4:4)

Color Enhancement pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with cloud computing today by directly showering your eyes in the colorful greatness of true 4:4:4 colors (no chroma subsampling). Up until this point, Shadow was available in 4:2:0, which requires less powerful decoding hardware.

You can activate, use and test Color Enhancement just like this ⤵️

To learn more about the feature check out our latest help center article.


The new feature will be available on:

  • Windows

  • macOS 

  • Linux (Ubuntu)

  • iOS / tvOS that support 4:4:4

Using Color Enhancement

With this feature requiring a lot of processing power and bandwidth, it’s best to use it in situations where true colors are really needed.  

So when you are editing photos, videos or just chatting away on Discord, this feature will be your best friend. Not only will it display the true colors, but it will also make texts more readable and remove the overall blurry redness you can encounter with with the standard 4:2:0 color data. 

Don’t forget to turn on subtitles 

💡 Please be aware this feature requires a lot of decoding power and is hardware intensive. We suggest testing it on a lower screen resolution and refresh rate first before scaling it up to your usual setup.

Oh, and click here to receive a free but catchy tune that will accompany you through the day!

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8 replies

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Would you ever consider starting the weekly activation posts again? These were very helpful and meant we knew our orders were on track

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Please shadow we need updates on the activations do the weekly posts please shadow we need info about our orders

Yes please.

Because with these attitudes you are losing more and more customers. I will also cancel my order any day:persevere:

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I'm sorry but we don't care about this anymore at all, we care that we are about to be on our 2nd months of paying $30 a month while being stuck on 256gbs of SSD space with all SSD space increase being out of stock. And we still have heard NOTHING about future hardware upgrades all while paying over twice the price. I'm getting real tired of this..... give us actual updates that we actually care about...... your hardware is sooo old.....

yeah ok

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BTW I can't even play witcher 3 @ 1080p 60fps medium/high settings stable without frame dips. This is becoming a joke.... 

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Do you know what's even worse, is the fact none of your staff take their time to even reply to these posts with the concerns of their long term customers. It shows you really don't care what so ever. 

Color Enhancement? Why are you Guys not talking about activations? It should have been activated 24th of June. Then it was the 30th of August. And now, 4 days before the activation my Account says 31th of december. Im starting to get angry about this. 

(I am German, so please do not wonder about my English)