FAQ - Shadow Ultra & Infinite in the U.S.

FAQ - Shadow Ultra & Infinite in the U.S.

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I wish they would post a notification in the account portal that changing from Shadow Boost was permanent. I was not aware that I was locking myself in until I locked myself in. I am trying to upgrade from Ultra to Infinite which is available in my Datacenter. But since I already upgraded to Ultra I am stuck.


The FAQ says that California and New York datacenter users will need to back up their data. 

If you are in the California or New York datacenter, activations will take place from Monday to Thursday, Midnight to 4pm (local time). You data will be reset during the migration, so make sure to backup your hard drive prior (you won't be able to do it during the migration).


However, the FAQ also states additional storage will remain intact during migration.

Your additional storage remains intact as an add-on to your base subscription. 

Will California and New York datacenter migrations reset their main drive but preserve their additional storage?

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So its March.


Will Ultra/Infinite activations start in CA ?


We’ve been waiting for those for 1.5 years now. Any news ? Confirmations ? 

I kept my Boost for two years, even though it can't provide 40fps on my screen, just to be able to update.

I ipgraded to ultra and got an email saying it’s ready but when I shut down windows on shadow it closes it completely and when I start it back up I still am not upgraded 

I’m waiting on Shadow Boost in Santa Clara. What’s going on with that? It still says May 31st. YOU REALLY NEED TO EMAIL EACH SEGMENT OF SUBSCRIBERS individually to let us know SPECIFICALLY what’s going on. You SHOULD NOT be making us come click 6 links of your blog to try to figure it out. Get it together, c’mon. I’ve actually never once received an email update from you. The only  reason I know about the owner change and all this hoopla is because I’ve proactively tried to find information on it. I’m here today because I found a saved bookmark and was like, “oh yeah! is my account active yet?!” And here I am, 6 windows later. WOW.

Yeah, I don’t really care who owns the company... I feel like these upgrades are overdue. I’m sure I’m not the only one that cancelled my subscription because the hardware wasn’t able to run at a high enough framerate. While you’re at it: additional storage is HDD only- this makes me sad :)

Good luck to the new owners!

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I have been a member for as long as shadow has been alive and I have cancelled now couple months ago.

Same story as others really: I have pre-ordered infinite 2019 October, bought ghost and paid subscription for donkeys and what did I get back? Nothing, other than now out of date hardware and asked to pay more than double for it. I can safely say that I am never coming back to Shadow. If I would give one advice to the people thinking of signing up….. Don’t do it, I am talking from years of experience.