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FAQ Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite Delay

FAQ Shadow Ultra & Shadow Infinite Delay

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I know it’s just 50 euro, but do you guys think we should worry about Shadow going bankrupt and the infinity tier preorder fee goes with it?

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Yes save.

Just the one in the current post on updates here is XD too good the dude.

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I know it’s just 50 euro, but do you guys think we should worry about Shadow going bankrupt and the infinity tier preorder fee goes with it?

They already did declare bankruptcy

So it's safe to say this is never coming out.... Shadow is done for and we should all ask for refunds... What a shame :(


I am reaching the end of my Shadow journey too.

I have joined early 2018 and have been with shadow ever since. First I saw a huge potential and to me it was all depending on the promised transparency. Unfortunately that is a massive fail. 

Never got any satisfying answer through any of my tickets about the delays and most of the times they took ages to even answerer those and now I don't even bother sending tickets in.

 I have also been through a lot of trouble with shadow service as well as hardware (ghost) being faulty, or not being able to use shadow sometimes for very long time due to some unexplained technical difficulties in shadow HQ.

All this I could deal with as technical problems come with any technology like this and I also had a lot of good times playing all sort of games, However it is the attitude, lack of information and reassurance from shadow to all people who invested money, a lot of time and trust into using ‘supporting of the growth’ of shadow as a business and without that Shadow wouldn't be where it is today and I think they shouldn't be forgetting people who helped them to get to where they are now. People/Us are the most important Investors out there and yet we left in the dark all the time.

I have signed up for the Shadow Infinite early November 2019 and have been waiting ever since, it is now 2021 ;-O and there is still not even a glimpse of news to us about it, Shocking! I won’t go into how disappointed I am about how Shadow has dealt with this whole situation as I wouldn't be able to be very nice about it and there is just no point, because nobody will respond anyways.

 I don't even know why I m still waiting because if I really think about it with all the money invested into shadow over all this time I could have upgraded my gaming computer at home which is only missing gpu and I would be good to go.

For me this is at a very critical point and unless somebody from Shadow takes charge and does something about it I think a lof of poeple will be leaving Shadow for good very soon. The only thing keeping people in atm is the queue of the orders and preorders, as people don't want to waste all the time they waited already, but my opinion is What is the point waiting in the queue for something which isn't in stock and looks like it never will be.



I feel you! It's really frustrating. Also simply because they don't deal with it transparently. When I registered for an ambitious start-up at the time, I really thought that was the future. In the meantime, however, I'm just disappointed. Also because it seems so hypocritical that the problem is still silent with Ultra and Infinite.

But that's not all. One of the basic ideas behind Shadow was that you never have to spend money on upgrades again, because the servers are kept up to date. However, I'm promised an RTX 2080 in my ultra-order. Meanwhile there has already been the 2080 Super and currently already the 30 Series. So, if I get my Shadow Ultra now, the hardware used is already outdated. The current 1080 is so ancient that I don't even try to install new games.

Frankly, I don't know why I'm still paying for Shadow at all. Despite the fact that I don't have Windows there, GeForce Now now offers me the better price-performance ratio. I can't freely install my games. But I can play Cyberpunk and many other games on Ultra with ray tracing.

If new information isn't really shared soon, I'll cancel my shadow. And should they postpone it again, then too. My patience and goodwill are exhausted.

Same here.

Pre-Ordered end of October 2019 and... Nothing…

Loosing faith in these peeps who clearly don't care of us but still take our money... 

Well if nothing come til June, I ll sell my account... 


Two month of the beginning 2021 are over now. Still waiting. No news.

Lost almost all patience. How serious do you take your committment and your customers?

Well... They just don't give a flyin f.. Ck

Stay strong guys, it will be worth it in the end!

The end is not near. :-)