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February 22, 2023 - Shadow News Recap

  • 24 February 2023
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February 22, 2023 - Shadow News Recap
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Shadow News Recap


The first Shadow News recap of the year is now available! 📰


If you missed it, on February 22nd we shared what the year 2023 has in store for us ✨



Shadow Boxes & Ghosts



Today, we have important announcements to make regarding our Shadow Boxes and Ghosts. We will continue to run updates on those to keep the service live and fully secured until December 31st, 2023. In the meantime, we will not release new features on them. It doesn’t mean the service on those devices will be terminated on January 1st, 2024. However, beyond that date, we will not guarantee the service anymore.


Why are we making this choice? This has been a decision clear from the takeover of the company back in 2021: Shadow is a Software-as-a-Service company. Manufacturing hardware is not our core activity or expertise. It is a loss of focus for our team when we prefer to focus on the improvement of the user experience and bringing new features to Shadow PC.


But we want to maintain the service on those devices for the longest time possible because we always have our users’ satisfaction at heart. Currently, we are also exploring other solutions to prepare for this deadline.


In the meantime, we maintain our commitment to have the Shadow services available on as many devices as possible. It’s a key pillar of our strategy to be content & device agnostic and you can be sure that our teams will continue to work with this aim in mind for the future.


Check out our dedicated blog post to know more about this decision and existing alternatives 👉 


Windows 11 is Coming



Windows 11 is coming to Shadow as an optional upgrade. At the moment it is only available for Shadow Power, Ultra, and Infinite near the end of March. Please wait for our announcement before upgrading as it can cause issues. 


This will not be available on the base Shadow as we can’t bypass or fake the TPM 2.0 that is required for Windows 11 


Upfront Payment



We're now offering a new 6-month plan that you can pay upfront for 16% off. We are implementing this first in North America (United States and Canada). 💰


For existing customers, in a few weeks, you'll have the option to transition from the current monthly subscription to our 6-month upfront subscription. Stay tuned for more details. 


Learn more about this new option on our blog:


New USB Management



ShadowUSB is now available on our Official and Beta desktop apps. It is our new homemade technology that allows us to transfer your USB devices directly into our data center. With this technology now developed in-house, it will be much easier for us to fix the various problems related to your USB devices.


Please note, you’ll need to install the USB peripherals drivers on your local machine and on Shadow. If you encounter any persistent connection issues, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team from your account page for further assistance.


Energy Bill and Internet Subscription: Shadow PC Can Help You Save Money



Save big on your energy & internet bills with Shadow PC! Our studies show that on average, Shadow users can save €40.8 annually, & even more for those with the Power Upgrade. ⚡


In Belgium, that's nearly €340 saved in a year! 💰


Read more about our findings here: 


In the Works


  • Trackpad mode for Android and iOS is now available

    • You can use your smartphone as a mouse on Shadow


Optimize Your Connection



We've released a new video that provides a step-by-step guide on how to optimize your connection to Shadow. It covers various tips and tricks that can help you get the best possible streaming experience, including adjusting your settings, testing your internet speed, and more.


Want steps by steps instructions? Check out our help center article: 


Shadow Drive





Save, sync, and share! With Shadow Drive, stock all your files in a safe and private cloud storage solution ☁️ 


We want our users to take back control of their data with our secure, end-to-end data encryption and affordable online storage solution. 


Upload your data, access it on any device in real-time, and keep it completely private. Want to share your data? You can do so with one click!


We are working on a new design experience for Shadow Drive. 




Try #ShadowDrive right now: 


Shadow Business Solutions



Join us at GDC in San Francisco from March 20-24 where we'll be announcing significant advancements to our Shadow Business Solutions, specifically tailored for game devs and publishers! We will have a booth at GDC Expo starting March 22. 



  • Want to learn more about how Shadow develops new features? Check out our new Tech Blog, showcasing the unique expertise of our teams:


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