How to submit Bug Reports & Feature Requests

  • 17 February 2021
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How to submit Bug Reports & Feature Requests
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Interested in helping us build Shadow to be the best it can be?  Look no further than our Bug Reporting and Feature Request categories!  

Here, any Shadower can submit:

  1. a bug to be fixed
  2. a new feature to be implemented

Here’s a quick overview on how to get started!

🐛 Bug Reporting

Interested in squashing persistent bugs? We count on you to help improve the stability of Shadow.

To get started:

  • Find a bug that you think multiple members are experiencing

  • Double-check to make sure no one has submitted this bug already - and if someone has already submitted it, please upvote the thread to make your voice heard!

Then, head over to our threadHow Bug Reporting Works to grab the template needed for our developers to test and reproduce. 

Make sure you use the template. Otherwise, the thread will be closed and the team won’t be able to reproduce it.

Finally, click on “Submit an Idea” to create your bug report.

Note: depending on the results, our team will change the tag and update you on the status of the reproduction and determine if this is an actual bug.  If it is, hooray!  It will be sent to our development team to resolve.  You can stay updated through the thread for any potential fixes being pushed.


For more information, check out:


🛠️ Feature Requests


Interested in helping our developers come up with new features to improve Shadow itself? We need members like you to think of the best ideas for the future of Shadow.

To get started

  • Come up with an idea you think would benefit all Shadowers
  • Make sure no one else has submitted this idea.  If someone already has, feel free to upvote it to show your support!

Then, head over to our thread: 🤓 Discover how to submit a new feature request! to grab the template and fill out the requested information. 

Make sure you use the template. Otherwise, the thread will be closed and the team won’t be able to flesh out the idea you’re thinking of..

Finally, click on the “Submit an Idea” button to create your suggestion.

What’s next? Sit back and relax as our development team takes the reins by providing updates via tags. Make sure to subscribe to the category so you can stay up to date with all the latest updates!

For more information, check out:


👉 Submit a Bug Report & Feature Request now 👈 

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