Introducing: Shadow Monthly Spotlight 🔦

  • 12 August 2020
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Introducing: Shadow Monthly Spotlight 🔦
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Hi #TeamShadow!

We’ve been seeing a lot of awesome videos posted by the community talking about their Shadow experience. We want to show off your work and highlight your content. That’s why we recently started the Shadow Monthly Spotlight 🔦

So what is the ‘Shadow Monthly Spotlight’? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like! Every month we put the spotlight on a #TeamShadow community video that we loved watching over at Shadow HQ. 

🌟This month’s spotlight is on Nutmeister! 🌟

He shared an awesome video testing out his gameplay experience on Shadow Infinite at 3 different benchmarks. Definitely go check out his video and subscribe to his channel for more sweet gaming content! 🤩

You can find our previous Shadow Monthly Spotlights on our Youtube channel.

Thanks so much, and we’ll see you next month. Don’t forget to post your Shadow video for a chance to be next month's chosen one!

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