Join Shadow’s iOS Developer Thomas on Thursday's Twitch livestream!

  • 2 July 2020
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Join Shadow’s iOS Developer Thomas on Thursday's Twitch livestream!
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Hey #TeamShadow,


Tomorrow is Thursday, so you know what that means!

We’ll be back at it again with a Twitch livestream...but this time, we’re changing it up a bit. 


Introducing a Shadow talk show*. 🎉🎉

*someone broke our “cool name” generator trying to fry an egg


What does this mean exactly? We’ll still be covering the news, of course, but now we’ll also have a dedicated format for more relaxed conversation about a range of topics. 


On tomorrow’s inaugural Shadow talk show, we will be joined by Thomas, Shadow’s very own iOS Developer. He’ll be talking about all things WWDC20 and the game-changing features that will take the Shadow Apple apps to the next level. 


Have any questions? Be sure to ask them in the comments section below so we can answer them tomorrow on air at 1 PM ET / 7pm CEST. 


Show Agenda 

  1.  Introduction

    • Meet Thomas as he introduces himself and talks about his role as an iOS Developer at Shadow

  2. The Future of the Shadow Apple apps

    • Discuss WWDC20 and Thomas’s insights on the future of the iOS experience on Shadow.

    • Talk about the latest developments coming with Mouse Support, Gamepad Support, and Trackpad Support.

  3. Q&A

    • Thomas will be answering all your questions about Apple and iOS so make sure to drop your questions in the comments below!


Have a question for Thomas? DROP IT IN THE COMMENTS NOW!!

We’re pumped to have Thomas on the show to answer your questions. Ask them now so we can be sure to answer them on air tomorrow!! 🥳


You can access the Twitch live stream here. 

See you then!

7 replies

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Thank you for hosting @LucFromShadow and @Totoyo for answering.

And thank YOU for your questions, @Gaijin! Lots of good ones.

Hope to see you around more often! 

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Thank you for hosting @LucFromShadow and @Totoyo for answering.

  1. Is there a timeline for when cursor lock will be rolled out? This is perhaps the single largest leap in terms of functionality and it looks to be a pretty simple implementation from the WWDC20 slides, so I was curious whether we could see it as an incremental sometime during the public iOS14 beta. 
  2. Right now the Shadow iOS app doesn’t play nice with iPad multitasking. As another use mentioned the resolution is wonky for 1/3 and ½ split view. Also Slide Over is difficult to use, since requires a more forceful drag motion from the center of the side panel rather than the immediate responsiveness that is typical. 
  3. Will we get full gesture support for the magic keyboard touchpad?
  4. Apple has been in the news recently due to the Hey saga, and the Shadow iOS app was also pulled earlier in the year for policy noncompliance. Do you foresee any issues long-term for the app? Gaming-related VMs are kind of a gray area in terms of what Apple seems to allow. 

Did anything change for tvOS this year? I might have missed it, but it seems like it didn’t get a lot of love. Any big hurdles still for Shadow on Apple TV?

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I’m getting some old school Batman vibes from this name generator.
Hopefully we will see some more awesome Shadowesque thingamajigs in the future! \o/


Will the local device’s camera’s be accessible for use for video capture within Shadow as a native webcam type interface?

Will Shadow support the native resolutions such as the iPad Pro 12.9” 2732 x 2048 resolution with full 120hz?

Will the iOS/macOS projects ever be merged since Apple is shifting to their own silicone and will support natively iOS/iPadOS applications? 

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Hi Thomas/ @Totoyo,

My list of questions, feature wishes:

1) Multitasking on iPads is functional but the resolution is not optimized. Will you implement full multitasking or 1/3-2/3 split multiview support?

2) Will we see local & bluetooth microphone support? 

3) Would it be possible to integrate dual audio eg being able to have local audio output and input while shadow continues sending audio out?

4) Will you support the magic keyboard fully including gesture support?

5) Does iOS 14 allow advanced external mouse support such as mouse button 3-x and horizontal scroll wheels?

6) Pencil and Scribble support, will this be possible as a mean to input and drawing on Shadow’s Windows VM?

7) Will you be adding touch input support so Shadow’s Windows can be put into Touch mode?

8) Are you planning to add local file access from Shadow (eg access files & photos)?

9) Still hoping that extended display support will be added in a near future ios iteration.

@RyanFromShadow thank you for posting. May I suggest to add the time including timezone as of when the stream is scheduled?


- G