Join the brand new ENG Discord server!

  • 21 October 2020
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Join the brand new ENG Discord server!
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Hi #TeamShadow!

We’ve got some exciting news for all of our English-speaking Discord users out there!

Can I get a drumroll?

*drumroll* 🥁🥁

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new ENG Discord server!

You can now connect with English-speaking Shadowers and gamers all around the world. We also have some awesome new channels focusing on things like gaming, coding, art, and more!

💜 Join the Discord now!

We’ll see you online!

3 replies

Asks me to verify phone number, why do I need to verify my phone number? 

Tried to verify phone number, Discord sends me a text saying “An existing Discord account is already using this number...” Yeah, this account that i’m already logged into. 

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Why I DONT use Discord

Why wouldn’t I post a Link to my Live Stream in Live-Streams?

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I'm curious: the previous Discord servers were removed not so long ago and now you're reintroducing them?