Little Nightmares II Giveaway!

Little Nightmares II Giveaway!
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Update: Thank you to everyone who entered!  We’re excited to announce our winners are:@Thapsycho121,@Cale,@PyrrhicVictor, and@QuizKing , chosen by a random number generator.  Private messages have been sent to the winners containing their STEAM key.  Congrats again and thanks for participating!


Hi #TeamShadow!

Interested in a suspense adventure game where you can play as a young boy trapped in a world that has been distorted by an evil transmission?

Look no further than
Little Nightmares II, Bandai Namco's most recently released game!

In celebration of their release, we will be streaming this game on our next Twitch Shadow Gaming session on
February 12th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST but we also wanted to do a little something for you, our beautiful community.

How about a giveaway? 🎉 


That's right!  We'll be giving away 4 Deluxe Edition Steam keys for Little Nightmares II.

"How do I enter, Luc?", you may ask.

Well, that's simple! Here are the instructions: 

Post a comment below with your favorite Bandai Namco game and four winners will be chosen at random!*

*one submission per user


📅 Giveaway end at 5:59PM CET on February 19th, 2021

(Mine is Taki no Tatsujin, the original DS version of course!) 

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My favorite Bandai Namco game has to be Taiko no Tasujin Drum ‘n Fun on the Switch. I’ve been thinking about buying the new Taiko RPG games, but I’m not sure if I’d like it.


From Pacman, to Galaga to Tekken, all the way to the Tales series they are a very solid, and classic company. Sometimes you don’t hear a lot about them but they make awesome games. My favorite though is Dig Dug. Yeah, I said it… Dig Dug. Classic, ARCADE fun!

My favorite Bandai Namco game is Super Robot Taisen series, the robot animation is great in the battle.

My favorite Bandai game is Dark Souls, I remember those dates with my second-hand xbox 360, I think I finished it in two years, I always played with the xbox when I went to my father's house, I lived with my mother in back then.

My favourite Bandi Namco game is TOWER OF DRUAGA Love that game!

I have spent way too much time playing Ni No Kuni - but I love it

I really enjoyed  SAO: Fatal Bulet. And for more recent Little nightmares

My favorite Bandi Namco game would have to be dragon ball xenoverse 2 because it opened up a world of games that I didn’t know existed. It also led to me playing competitively in a fighting game for the first time. It was overall a great experience, and I really hope that 3 is in production or is to be announced soon. 

My favorite Bandai game is Dark Souls ^-^ the little nightmare game was really good too

My favorite would also be one of their oldest, I played Pacman when it came out and it was amazing for back then. Still play versions of it now occasionally!

So far, my favorite BANDAI NAMCO game is Dark Souls 1

My favorite bandai game are the dragon ball xenoverse 1, i spend a lot of time in that game cause the history, and the dlc´s are so enterteining, and i think better than the dbx 2:))

So far, my favorite and by in large most unique Bandi Namco game was Jojo’s Eyes of Heaven. Not a super technical game but just a really fun fighting game for a fan. Also dark souls 3, which I played for the first time on my shadow


My favorite Bandai game had to be any and all Tekken games, I’d be forever yelling at the screen :astonished:

my favorite game from Bandai Namco is Dragon ball z kakarot and dragon ball xenoverse 2 and the first little nightmare game


Mine to be honest is probably Little Nightmares i bought it as soon as i saw the trailer lol  :grinning:

My fav Bandai Namco game is Dark Souls, all of them, with a little bit of Soulcaliber 6 thrown in there.

i really like Tekken X Street Fighter

My favorite Bandai Namco game is dragonball figherz 

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this is a hard question, If I had to choose a single game it would be Ace Combat 7. The thrill of running your enemy down in a multimillion dollar jet is without a doubt the most fun I have had. I appreciate the opportunity to reply.

My favorite is Little Nightmares 2 i’ve always wanted to play it but have never gotten the chance to get the game.

pole position for sure!

My favorite games from Bandai Namco are the soul series, I’m on dark soul 1 right now but I’m really enjoying it


 my fav games i love to play everyday  are {dragon ball xenoverse 2}  {naruto shippuden storm 4}  [naruto to boruto shinobi strikers] [super dragon ball heroes world mission]  [little nightmares 1]  [my hero one justice] & Dragon ball FightersZ i love playing these games every day from bandai  i love playing dark soul 1-3  also but i play the others more

My fav game its Dark Souls 3 and Naruto storm 4. I finished 10 times Dark souls <3