October 19, 2022 - Shadow News Recap

  • 21 October 2022
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October 19, 2022 - Shadow News Recap
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If you missed it, on October 19th, we’ve shared all the details about the Power Upgrade, new market openings, Shadow Drive’s soft launch, and more.



Power Upgrade


Early Access:

  • Early Access was released starting October 14th for a select group of Users in Europe, available at 9.99€/monthly in addition to the base subscription.

  • This is utilizing a Nvidia A4000, an Nvidia professional card very close to the Nvidia A4500 that will be the one for the Power Upgrade. You can check the performance benchmark below!

  • This Early Access has been a huge milestone at Shadow as it prepares for the release of the Power Upgrade. We’ve worked on this project for over a year to give you the best configuration possible.


Power Upgrade Pre-Orders:

  • The Power Upgrade will be released on October 26th for users that pre-ordered, in all territories Shadow operates in. The only exclusion is our Texas datacenter for the time being.

  • Email confirmations will be sent out soon to people who pre-ordered so that they can confirm your subscription properly and get activated on time.

  • There will be a small number of slots available for the Power Upgrade on release. However, capacity will be resupplied every month or so starting in November.

  • In most cases, when upgrading to Power, you will stay in the same data center, and therefore will not need to factory reset your Shadow. If you are coming from a different data center or if you are coming from Ultra and Infinite, your Shadow will need to factory reset, however. We will of course let you know ahead of migration.

  • At the moment, the Dallas, TX data center will not have the Power Upgrade available in 2022 due to a data center incompatibility issue. We are working on a solution to bring the Power Upgrade to the Texas data center ASAP in 2023. Here are the impacted US states: 

    • Arkansas

    • Kansas

    • Louisiana

    • Mississippi

    • Missouri

    • Nebraska

    • New Mexico

    • Oklahoma

    • Texas

  • Victor will be streaming in English once per week to showcase the early access. Follow Shadow Twitch to be notified when we go live! - 

  • We are also looking for the face of our International Twitch Channel! Do not hesitate to contact Thomas if you are interested! + 


The Job Done Behind the Scene:

  • On the hidden side, we’ve revamped the backoffice, the account page, and the shop page. This is to ensure that you will be able to benefit from a brand new, more secure and more intuitive interface. This new website allows us to better support our new products such as the Power Upgrade, Shadow Drive, and the Shadow Business Solutions. If you want to learn more about this new interface, you can read our dedicated blog post by clicking here.

  • Our partners at OVHcloud have also helped us make this possible, as we worked on manufacturing the product and scaling the servers. Migrating all our 35000 machines in OVH datacenters has been a huge industrial achievement.

  • A big kudos to all our teams that worked on all these different projects. With a small team, we are delivering on the promises made in May during the keynote, at the timings announced!


Shadow Drive


Shadow Drive is a secure (end-to-end data encryption) and affordable online storage solution designed in partnership with Nextcloud, the world leader in open source storage platforms. Shadow Drive is built on three major features: Store, Share, and Sync, which will allow users to easily store, share, and synchronize their data while keeping access to them from anywhere. Data will be accessible via its web interface and through Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

  • Now in soft launch only for former users of hubiC in Europe.

  • We currently have more than 22k users in the soft launch and we’re excited to release Shadow Drive to the general public in Europe this Fall.

  • Shadow Drive will be available for free with up to 20 GB of storage, while a premium version of the service will be available at $/€/£8.99 a month, with 2 TB available.

  • Be sure to follow our Twitter for the latest news: 

  • Come join our Shadow Drive Discord for the latest announcements and to discuss with others about tips and tricks:

Stay tuned for our upcoming AMA with the team behind Shadow Drive. Dates to be announced!

New Markets


Shadow has officially launched in Canada, Austria, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark. And we’ll soon be in Spain this fall.


Release & Bug Fix



  • Shadow’s new USB Management drivers will be released in Beta soon. This will allow us to better fix USB issues and support more USB devices, thank to our proprietary USB over IP technology.

Working On:

  • Fixes for U:103 and black screen issues will be coming soon

  • We’re investigating a fix for the G:403 error





  • Want to learn more about how Shadow develops new features? Check out our new Tech Blog, showcasing the unique expertise of our teams:


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