Shadow for Chromebook, the featherweight champion that can pack a punch

  • 26 January 2021
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Shadow for Chromebook, the featherweight champion that can pack a punch
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Hey #TeamShadow,


Quick question:

Would you rather have a powerful, but heavy gaming laptop, or a lightweight & portable laptop that can only play a certain Dinosaur Game?


And if you could, would you rather have both?

A heavy laptop that can only play a Dinosaur Game aka my old and retired university laptop - may he rest in pepperoni.

A lightweight laptop that can play the latest PC releases. Something like a Chromebook with access to Shadow, for example.

And what if we told you our developers just released an update to Shadow’s backend, which enables you to use Shadow on your beloved Chromebook.


As a refresher, check out our 📜dedicated blog article to learn more about our Alpha, Beta and Official release candidates.



If you own a Chromebook and you’d like to power it up with Shadow, please make sure that it has access to the Google Play Store. This is the norm for most Chromebooks released after 2015, so if yours is older: double check, just to be sure.

A working Internet connection (ethernet is highly recommended) is needed. :kappa:

Where to get it?

You can get your hands on this new update through the Shadow Android Beta App which you can find in the “app section” of your account page.


Bring your questions to Shadow News:

Don’t forget to mark your 📅calendar & follow us on Twitch for our upcoming Shadow News on January 28th, 7:15PM CET / 10:15AM PST

Here you can ask your questions and get even more information on the Chromebook support.


Oh, and just out of curiosity.

What is it that you love most about your Chromebook? Serious question from a European where pretty much no one knows what that is.

💡 When using the Shadow Beta, you can expect more crashes, errors and even data loss. So please make sure to save all your necessary data before testing Shadow Beta clients.

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16 replies

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Chromebooks (for me) are just basic computers that do what I need them to do since I do most things online and in the cloud. I’ve not interest in buying more powerful laptop when I can do everything I need on a device that costs $200 US. 


Besides, in the US most schools are buying and issuing Chromebooks to their students for the same reason.

I am an European and using chomebooks for about 5 years now. It's my friend on the go! Lightweight, fast startups, frequently updated and getting better with every update.

I got my Shadow in november 2020, and was dissapointed that Shadow didn't work.. I even bought a low budget windows laptop to use my shadow on. Even though I own 2 chromebooks, I wanted to keep my Shadow, because I believe it's the future. everything we do in our live will be cloud based/powered.

I am so thrilled that you are giving the chromebook the attention it needs. Using Shadow on a chromebook is the personification of what is the basis of Shadow: using a low level affordable machine to play awesome high level games. 

Alltough I'm experiencing some hickups, I will be using Shadow with my chromebook and give feedback to make it even better.


Kind regards

Another European who’s been using Chromebooks for several years.  Switched my wife over to a Chromebook from a Mac.   Loving Shadow on the Chromebook.   Use a combination of Linux (crouton) and ChromeOS as my daily drivers but on the few occasions I do need a Windows box for work, Shadow fills the gap admirably.

Looking forward to the mouse issue and the gamepad issue being fixed.

In your internal testing environment, which USB or wireless controllers did your testers use?

I have so far been unable to get the Dualshock 4 to work with the beta. It works fine with Ubuntu 18.04.

@FloridaMan3020 I’m using an 8Bit SP30+ controller which identifies itself as an Xbox controller.   The issue I’m seeing is, analog controls and the D-Pad all work as expected but the buttons do nothing.

@jrt Yeah, that's exactly the issue.


I'm wondering if a Stadia controller would work better, which would make it by far the most useful thing to come from Stadia.

@FloridaMan3020 On linux all controllers will work in the same way so I think it’s more likely that there is a bit in the Shadow client with the way it handles joystick button inputs.

@jrt yeah, i gotta say i was impressed with how easily GalliumOS picked up my dualshock. I plugged it in via USB and it even did the playstation thing where by plugging it in via usb, it also authorizes for bluetooth pairing.


just means i have to flash back to gallium tonight to style on Dante some more ;)

Has anyone had issues using shadow as a pcvr for gaming on chromebook?

Head, meet wall.  I’ve got a Pixelbook Go.  I’ve got the Beta Shadow client.  The client works, but it continually throws ‘Sorry, an issue happened with the streaming service’.  I have no problems on Windows client.

I’d have hoped that a reference device like the Pixelbook Go would be one of the less troublesome to get working, but it looks not to be the case!

Any pointers?

@pewpewpew I’m using Shadow on a Pixelbook Go (i5, 8GB RAM).   I used to get the ‘Sorry, an issue happened with the streaming service’ error R-300 but this was prior to the latest update of the beta.  I’m currently using version 3.4.4-Beta.

@jrt sadly still happening for me on 3.4.6 :(  Error R-300.

I may have a lead.   Just checking on my Ghost, my Shadow is actually still on the stable version.  Hadn’t appreciated that migrations to beta were failing and being rolled back, failing on installation step 4 of 16.

I’ll raise a support ticket.

Hey guys ,avoid to shift the Shadow Beta app to 3.4.6, stay in 3.4.4 to block the automatic shift on the play store for the moment as long as it doesn't solve the current problem ... If you have done it, you can do a manual reinstall, you will not get the message of switch Beta to official if you stay in 3.4.4, I strongly recommend it to chromebook users, if you don't want to lose access to the android app.


Unusable on my Chromebook with Intel CPU (HP Chromebook x360 – 14c-ca0533nz, 14", Full HD, Intel Core i5-10210U, 8GB) and a wired 1Gbps symm. Internet connection. I have no problems with the Windows client so far on my Dell XPS 13" Notebook over the same Internet connection.
The lags on the Chromebook with the Beta Shadow Client 3.4.6 are between 1-2 seconds, so it's totally unplayable.

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I have two problems/question with the beta shadow app on chromebook.

  1. When I’m connected to Shadow and move the mouse (I connnected a mouse on chromebook) it moves very slowly, how can I change that. Changes in the Windows Settings on Shadow don’t work and on the chromebook itself the mouse moves at normal speed.
  2. also, How do I access the “in-Shadow-menu” I want to use a microphone for discord, but I can’t set the correct microphone, because I don’t know where/how?

Does anyone have any ideas?
(I know it’s in beta, but is this a known issue? or is there a workaround, because I can't use it with this slow mouse speed)