Shadow News: Ask Your Questions | January 14th, 2021

  • 8 January 2021
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Shadow News: Ask Your Questions | January 14th, 2021
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Hey #TeamShadow,

It’s been 2021 for almost two weeks and with that, more than time for a brand new episode of your most beloved Twitch broadcast: Shadow News 🙌


Quick rundown of the show:

  • Presentation of (newest) Shadow developments

  • In-depth explanation of features

  • Answering on-topic community questions*

  • Q&A with one (or sometimes) two of our tech experts

These community questions will be collected right here, in the comment section below the news, but only the top three will be answered. Pretty exciting, right?


📺 Shadow News Topic of the Week

Next Thursday’s stream will feature the following topic:

  • ARM processors & Shadow. 

Beside this topic for our community questions, we will also have a first outlook on what can be expected for your Shadow in the next three months. Will it be an updated hibernation timer? A double screen feature? Or a brand new flux capacitor? I guess you’ll have to find out!


🔀 What next? 

  • Post your question about the the above topic

  • Like your favorite questions you want to here answered on stream

  • Follow us on Twitch

We will stop collecting questions on Monday, January 11. 

💡 Please only ask questions concerning the mentioned “Shadow News Topic of the Week”. All questions that do not fit the topic or respect the format will be deleted.

5 replies

I've seen talk that using MoonlightQT you can get really great results with Shadow on RPi, when do we get an ARM based client to cut out the middle man? 

(Mod edit to limit post to just question.)

Since you're talking about ARM, are we going to be getting CPU upgrades?

And if so, which configuration(s) will be getting this upgrade?

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Sorry everyone, but we need to maintain order on these “question of the week” threads. If your question isn’t about ARM processors, either ask it during the stream when it opens up to free questions, which is totally okay, or create a post about it on the forums, which is also totally okay. If you post it here, it’s just going to get moved out of the thread anyway. Sorry.

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When talking about ARM devices, we all know it’s going to take something like a Pi4 to actually handle the decode required for Shadow. On that topic, could something like a Jetson Nano from Nvidia be leveraged to accelerate that process?

Will you release the binary to run Shadow on ARM? Many ARM SBCs can do hardware h264 / h265 and are low cost.