Shadow Update: Week #28 [07/10/2020]

  • 11 July 2020
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Hey #TeamShadow,


Welcome to the Shadow Weekly Update!

“The what?”

The Shadow Weekly Update has historically been on Reddit, but now you’ll be able to find it here in it’s new home. To see the history of Shadow Weekly Updates, check out the
archive here.

Each week you’ll find a gathering of changelogs and general updates here, so you can keep up on every detail of what’s happening with Shadow!

For this week, our developers have implemented some improvements and bug fixes to both our Official and Beta Desktop launchers. These updates will help deliver an improved streaming experience for your desktop devices.



Here is all changelog information for this week:


Shadow Official - Desktop - Launcher v4.15.5 (old v4.14.19)



  • Shadow Streamer v3.0.61 (old v3.0.57)

  • Shadow Manager v2.1.9

  • Shadow System Watcher v1.0.16


Fix & Changes

  • Crash monitoring updates

  • Fix the element back trace related to the extra storage

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Add an internal message related to the actual running games

  • Improve resolutions application

  • "Remember Me" is now activated by default

  • Fullscreen option is now enabled by default (except for macOS)

  • Community Forum link is available in the Help Page

  • Ubuntu desktop app icon quality enhanced

  • Belgium users now have French content on Launcher

  • "No Internet" snackbar now disappear after power resume

  • Speedtest stuck corrected

  • Better management of the bitrate limitation to avoid network congestion


Shadow Beta - Desktop - Launcher v4.15.5 (old 4.15.3)



  • Shadow Streamer v3.0.61 (old v3.0.57)


Fix & Changes

  • Better management of the bitrate limitation to avoid network congestion

  • Avoid sending an invalid resolution when the user is playing

  • Add display and video session infos for crash reporting

  • Technicals fixes


Having trouble with your Shadow? Notice an error that you might not be too sure about? Don’t fret! We've got you covered with our Help Center!


This is where you’ll find our support articles along with answers to questions you may have. Can’t find an answer? Don’t worry, you can reach our Support team any day of the week by submitting a ticket which can be found in your Shadow account page.


Additionally, we also have a Known Issues Page for the Official version of Shadow.


We will continue to update this page with any major known issues that we are currently investigating along with any workaround and fixes. Please be sure to check this page out if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your Shadow.


Want to hang out and chat with other Shadowers? Drop by our Discord communities and come check out our community:



If you are using the Beta or Alpha clients, please don’t forget to share your precious feedback with us.


As always, we hope you stay safe and have an amazing rest of your week!

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