Show off your Shadow battlestation!

  • 19 August 2020
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Show off your Shadow battlestation!
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Hi #TeamShadow!

If there is one thing we can’t get enough of over at Shadow HQ, it’s seeing the community’s setups. Every Shadow setup is unique to a user, which is what makes them so great! 😍

We’re making this thread a dedicated space for you to share your setups anytime you like! Share your own setup, comment on others, and get inspiration from your fellow #TeamShadow members.

So whether your setup is on mobile, PC, TV, or some other device we aren’t thinking of, share it with us!

Drop your setup below! 


please note: Shadow reserves the right to use any posted picture for marketing material. We will always give credit to the creator when possible. 

83 replies

No limit.. Shadow everywhere. Retrogaming console powered by Shadow servers !!



Shadow recognizes the gamepad input without problems?

The console use the playstation controller mapping in app, I think it why its working :o

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Gameready in 30 seconds, anywehre anytime! Silent acer worlds smallest ultrabook with passive cooling and anti-reflective film. Adding jabra in ear Headset, usb c mouse and eSim with LTE. High travler Gaming Gear, thanks to Shadow Tech.



Portable gaming setup, on the next level!


This is where I sit when using my Shadow.. waiting for the upgrades to kick in.

The Command Center


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Mon setup fait maison 


Hi everyone ^^

happy to share



Hi everyone ^^

happy to share





here is my set up:

surface pro i5

Monitor: Samsung C49HG90

Keyboard: Logitech G915 lightspeed

Mouse : Logitech G502 lightspeed + Powerplay

SpaceMouse 3Dconnexion wireless Pro

Sound: Logitech Z906 + Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1

USB hub Startech Renkforce 7+2

Printer Epson Workforce WF-7720

Started with an Optiplex 390 now I'm here!!!!


Mon setup: Shadow studio !!!

Piano numérique DP90, carte son AG06, micro Shure SM7B, guitare acoustique 
logiciel native instrument et cubase IA

Shadow gaming !!!

Manette Xbox série 1&2, sourie G903,clavier G910, casque G933



Who needs natural light, right? 🙂 finally my new setup. hope you like it

                                                                     Entre Père et Fils…

                                                                          Setup Room.


Here’s my setup I sent it before August 27 9pm CEST :)


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My First Gaming Setup :)

Old Toshiba Laptop to HDMI + Nighthawk Router Adapter to game MMO Eve Online


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Activation coming in November, but thought I would represent with the wallpaper and share my setup.

Device is a Windows Surface Pro connected to a Samsung 27 inch curved monitor. Setup is shared with my work laptop for working from home, which is where the USB hubs come in. 

Guest appearances from Baby Groot and Lord Zedd. 

 Simple but I love it

Not one cable, full wireless. As you said, simple but I love it !

Poverty tier setup. :eyes:@ that activation date, feature this :rolling_eyes:  bruh..

Nice to see such a classic laptop still kicking butt in 2020. Congrats on repurposing that work of art in the future. I love salvaging old tech.

Please don’t mind the closet :-)


I mainly play on my Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 7. If I have to be more mobile than my laptop, I will play on my iPad Pro 10.5” or iPhone 11. Surprisingly the iPad has the best screen performance because of the 120Hz refresh rate.



Bro you have no problems ?? When I play with an Xbox 360 Controller, I have the problem in the Game camera starts to spin when I press L2 or R2, It happens to me in almost all games

My setup. Shadow running on the Galaxy Tab s7 plus. The 120hz screen makes shadow super smooth. It's light, portable taking my gaming anywhere. Also pairs with my xbox controller. 

Powered by a Galaxy Fold 2. 

IPad Pro 11 Noob Battlestation