The Shadow app is back on the App Store!

  • 19 February 2021
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The Shadow app is back on the App Store!
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The Shadow app is officially back on the App Store!

Due to a misunderstanding surrounding the nature of the app, it was temporarily removed from the App Store. This confusion was quickly cleared up and solved by discussing with Apple’s team earlier this week.

Unlike game streaming services, Shadow provides a full Windows 10 PC, rather than a library of games. This unique approach allows Shadow to comply with the App Store guidelines, so that you can access your Shadow PC on any iOS device to run your favorite games and software. 


So, what’s new?

During this period of downtime, our teams continued to improve and refine the Shadow iOS app. We’ve released a brand new update (3.5.0) to make your experience even better than before. 

Introducing, Maximum Adaptive Bitrate: this new feature will detect any instability in your connection and will adjust the maximum bitrate to always provide the most fluid stream. When your connection becomes stable again, the initial value will be restored - learn more here.

Other quality-of-life improvements include: 

  • Improved external screen support

  • Fix of display bug that kept the progress of your Shadow update at 0%

And if you love the Shadow iOS app as much as we do, please make sure to leave a review on the App Store - and don’t forget to yell it from the rooftops too. 

4 replies




Just started with shadow and was about to install it on my apple tv when this occurred.


been using it on my iPad pro, keyboard, and Xbox one controller and it has been one AMAZING experience!


Im on android but HUGE W for the apple users!

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They’ll remove it again for the same thing.