Welcome, #TeamShadow!

Welcome, #TeamShadow!
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Welcome to your brand new forum! 


If you’re reading this, it means that you’re one of the first few to discover our new discussion space: congrats! Thank you for following us closely and being part of another one of our firsts ❤️Or it could mean that this message is super old and that we never updated it. But thanks for joining us here anyways! 


Ok, but what’s the added value of this forum?

You can come here to find quick answers to your support related questions, get rewarded for helping others, provide feedback, or just casually discuss anything.

Friendships will be born. Unbreakable bonds will be created. Fiery discussions will appear and popcorn will be shared. 

Because one must know the rules before savoring their popcorn, we invite you to check useful topics before navigating this forum:


Oh, and one last thing! Don’t forget to introduce yourself to the community

Welcome to your second home 🙃 and welcome to #TeamShadow 🚀!

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This is pretty neat


Wow new Forum, nice.


New forum smell. All we need now is a Dark Theme toggle button and we gucci.


Just a heads up - The SSO was down last night, so a lot of people may have missed the opportunity to setup their accounts (for the 24H badge thing).




I LOVE SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for making our fun happen :relaxed:


So, the cake  was a lie?

Perfect setup! Loving the Team Shadow!!!!

Looking good!


I am very happy with Shadow!!

So i’m super hyped that I got my shadow activated except when I started using everything was like super super laggy…

the original wifi test said my latency was fine at like 20 smnth ms and then as soon as I got into the actually thing it started spiking to like 1800-2100ms and idk why

I know my wifi is ok so I’m wondering if its like a server issue or something? 

I’m not super good with computers and tech stuff in general so… umm if someone could tell me if there’s something to resolve this issue?