Shadow Update: Week #49 [12/03/2020]

  • 4 December 2020
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Hey #TeamShadow,


Welcome to December and Happy Holidays!


This month's update is pretty cool. The long-awaited support of the microphone on our mobile applications is out for Android and iOS! We have made the virtual keyboard easier to use, improved cursor accuracy, and added Apple pencil support. We've also added a review system at the end of your mobile sessions where you can give us your feedback directly. Happy gaming!


TLDR: Last update for 2020! After the dynamic quality, we serve you an even better experience with the arrival of network notifications and Windows scaling management. We'll add a few small fixes and sprinkle it all in with the addition of rudimentary support for your brand new PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X | S controllers on our Beta Desktop App thanks to the mapping you, our great community, provided us. The icing on the cake, we're launching support for microphones on iOS and Android.


Here are all the changelogs for this week:  


Shadow Official - Desktop - Launcher v4.19.6


  • Shadow Streamer v3.4.28

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fix of the long update boot time

  • Technical fixes

Shadow Beta


All Platforms

  • Image scaling: We now adapt the Windows scaling setting to your machine settings! Nothing to do for you, everything is automatic and adapts automatically to the settings you have on your Windows, macOS, or Linux computer.

  • The audio stream is now more resistant to packet loss.

  • Unsupported screens should no longer cause Windows crashes.

  • Removed duplicate resolutions from the list of available resolutions.

  • Fixed the video stream with the TCP protocol that was not working on some poor quality connections.

  • Improved the server update process. We launch potential updates before your Shadow is ready to save you time.

  • Improved management of the quality/bandwidth ratio.

  • Correction on the Display Safe Mode

  • Improvement of the display switch-off at the end of sessions

  • Improved application of 1080p and higher resolutions

Desktop - Launcher v4.20.5

  • Shadow Renderer v3.7.5

  • Shadow Overlay v1.7.9

  • Shadow Streamer v3.4.29

  • Shadow Manager v2.3.20

  • Shadow Operator v1.1.13

  • Shadow Watcher v1.1.7

Boxes - Launcher v4.20.5

  • Shadow Renderer v3.7.3

  • Correction of problems related to 5Ghz Wifi on Ghost

Windows, macOS, Linux

  • Network notifications: Whuuut? These are small notifications that will appear at the top of your screen and tell you the current status of your network. When you open your Quick Menu, you will see tips on how to improve your connection to our servers.

  • Basic support for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S controllers. They will be recognized as Xbox 360 controllers until the next update where we will implement native support.

  • Changing network notification behavior

  • Fix of the long update boot time

  • Technical fixes

  • Fix related to the shutdown popup which doesn't close up after user activity

  • Add Korean translation to shutdown popup

  • New management of the Nvidia drivers

  • Technical fixes

Android - Launcher v3.3.0

  • Microphone support!

  • Adding a user feedback screen that will allow you to give us your feedback

iOS - Launcher v3.3.1

  • Microphone support is now available for the iOS mobile app

  • THE real Apple Pencil patch

tvOS - Launcher v3.3.0

  • We've added a review system at the end of your TV sessions where you can give us your feedback directly.


Having trouble with your Shadow? Notice an error that you might not be too sure about? Don’t fret! We've got you covered with our Help Center!


This is where you’ll find our support articles along with answers to questions you may have. Can’t find an answer? Don’t worry, you can reach our Support team any day of the week by submitting a ticket which can be found in your Shadow account page.


Additionally, we also have a Known Issues Page for the Official version of Shadow.


We will continue to update this page with any major known issues that we are currently investigating along with any workaround and fixes. Please be sure to check this page out if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your Shadow.


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To see the history of Shadow Weekly Updates, check out the archive here on Reddit or visit check out our Roadmap & release notes section of our forum.


As always, we hope you stay safe and have an amazing weekend

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Please please please make those network notifications at the top of the screen a toggle. They’re very annoying.

Why is the problems created by upgrading certain shadow units to ultra not listed under known issues? Its been 4 days since multiple accounts have lost access to their shadow machines. Why is there no public acknowledgement of this issue? Is it being worked on? Are we being scammed?

In order to use an Xbox Series X/S controller, do they need to be plugged in or will a bluetooth connection work with these controllers?