tvOS Beta 3.0.1 (76) Update & Release Notes

  • 22 June 2020
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We heard you, #TeamShadow!

Thanks to your continued feedback in the past weeks, we are happy to announce the display management feature is now available in the newest Shadow Apple TV app Beta release. Check out the settings of the app before starting your next session. 

Download and access the app here


Other key updates

  • Bluetooth keyboards are now supported on the tvOS Shadow app. Please note, you must have tvOS 13.4 or higher installed on your Apple TV. 

  • Users couldn't play certain games with a PS4 gamepad, so we introduced "Playstation extended compatibility". To use, simply choose this option in settings and it will work like a charm. 

  • The first time you launch Shadow with this new update, you will be asked if you want it to handle your drivers. You can change this at any time in your settings. 

  • Many of you had issues trying to connect to Shadow, this problem has been solved. Happy gaming, #TeamShadow!


Full Changelog

  • Full keyboard support Add display management feature
  • Add PS4 extended compatibility feature
  • Add nvidia drivers update popup + option in settings
  • Fix connection issues 
  • Users who didn't have ShadowManager on their Shadow were stuck and couldn't connect (U-101 error) 
  • Fix black screen & crash when going background to foreground


3 replies

Is Apple TV worthwhile/stable for Shadow? Was thinking about picking one up instead of a Ghost

Is this the appropriate place for suggestions?

I was thinking as an additional feature you could have a keyboard overlay similar to the current controller overlay. Instead of the traditional controller layout, just make it controllable. This would give players the ability to play games like WoW that have limited controller functionality but can be configured to be played with a few buttons.


Finally can open the Steam overlay via keyboard shortcut 👍