Basic troubleshooting with Shadow

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So you encountered a problem on your Shadow and want to fix it the quick and easy way? 


Here are the first things you should try out when you have a problem with your Shadow: 


  • Turning it on and off again (works also for the microwave, television, phone… pretty much anything! - Hi the IT Crowd!)

If you're not able to start your Shadow, try doing the following:

1. Go to the Help ("?" button) section and click "Shut Down Shadow"

2. Wait until the launcher says "Shadow is Off"

3. Exit your Shadow application

4. Re-open Shadow

5. Set your Allocated Bandwidth setting to 5Mb/s Manual, choose Prefer Reliability. You can always raise this bandwidth setting later once connected.

6. Start your Shadow again."


  • Here are a few other settings to monitor / help start your Shadow:

Lowering allocated bandwidth (manual)

Disable “Low Bandwidth” mode

Enable “Display Safe” Mode

Toggling between Prefer Reliability TCP and Prefer Speed UDP

Toggling "Low End Configuration Optimization"


  • You’ve managed to start it (promise, it’s usually easy!)? Follow these tips to keep your Shadow running well:

To prevent start issues:

Shut down Windows within your Shadow after each session.

Disable Windows' automatic updates within your Shadow's Windows settings. You can then manually install Windows updates by going to this link within your Shadow.

This will prevent Windows updates from occurring on the next start up which will help your Shadow start up more easily."

  • Support channels - If you need further help:

Check the helpcenter for your specific issue

Check the forum for posts about your issue

Contact support from your account page



Need more information? Don’t worry! We got you covered! Our support team created an amazing guide to walk you through many topics in order to improve your experience on Shadow and fix minor problems you might encounter. Click here to access our full guide!

To save you some time, here are our most popular categories that might answer your questions: 



Have a problem or a solution that you don’t see on this guide? Tell us about it in the answers of this topic so we can improve it! Thanks! 

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Helpful information

If you have sound issues such as crackling/distorted or any other sound problems open the quick menu and go to streaming preferences and just change it to the option you are not using so if you have speed change it to reliability and vice versa and it will fix your sound issues, you can go back to your prefered setting as long as you have changed it and the stream resets, it takes like 3 seconds. If you stream for long periods you might have to do this more than once but like i said it takes 3 seconds and instantly fixes any sound issues.