Current Geforce user thinking of switching, One question, Civ 6?

  • 13 January 2022
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Can you play any game? Like really any game you own?

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Shadow isn't like other solutions to cloud gaming like Nvidia Shield etc, It is a virtual machine that is running Windows 10. So with that being said it is just a full windows machine that are you are free to do what you wish with, what you install is up to you providing it complies with TOS. 


So in short.. yes you can install all of your games on your steam library! All you need to do is install steam → Login → Install the games and run them EzPz! 

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Good evening! In addition to what @B 3 A N said, I would like to add that there is a known issues page, that contains some games as well, as some game developers block Virtual Machines. A good example is Valorant and Genshin Impact.

It is very rare that you encounter an issue with games. Applications that require Virtualization, like Android Emulators (Bluestacks etc), or Hypervisors (Hyper-V, VMWare, VirtualBox etc) don’t run either, as nested virtualization is disabled on Shadow.

What about DOSBox? I've been thinking about picking up the original Master of Orion on GoG but it uses DOSBox.

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Hey @blackmage999, as @Phobos has mentioned, Shadow does not support virtualization software, including emulators, and cannot be modified to do so. Attempting to enable virtualization is considered a modification and is not supported.


You can try to use applications like Docker Desktop, Bluestacks, or Nox, but we are unable to guarantee that it will work since virtualization is disabled on Shadow as those apps are more like Virtual Machines rather than pure emulators.



In regards to emulators like DOSBox, I haven’t heard anything about that one specifically. I do know that Dolphin Emulator or similar programs can run on Shadow. Although they can run on Shadow, obtaining ROMs/ISOs on Shadow is not allowed. Thus transferring any ROMs/ISOs to Shadow is not against our Terms of Use:

Torrenting, Pirating, or Downloading Illegal Content

Downloading or sharing any content without the permission of the content-owner is prohibited as described in our Terms of Use, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and the No Electronic Theft Act (NET). For security purposes, Shadow cannot discriminate between file sharing and pirating, and as such, any form of torrenting may result in the termination of your account.

So attempting to run a DOSBox enabled game (or some other emulator) is fine but trying to modify Shadow to get it to work is not, correct? I will not attempt to install old DOS games if i might be breaking the ToS.

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@blackmage999 If DOSBox works out of the box (pun intended) you can feel free to use it. If you however have to modify Shadow itself to get DOSBox to work it is considered a modification and is violating the terms of use. A modification would for example be trying to boot into BIOS and enabling virtualisation platforms of some sort. If you install it and it works, there is nothing you would have to worry about. I hope that answers the question.

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Can you play any game? Like really any game you own?

To answer OPs question in the thread title: I played hundreds of Civ 6 hours with my buddy in hotseat mode using Shadow. Worked like a charm. ^^