Experience working on IPad Pro with magic keyboard on Shadow ?

  • 22 February 2021
  • 1 reply


I like to create this topic cause I have the newest Ipad Pro, and I am planning to buy a magic keyboard for using the Ipad Pro as a laptop. ***What are your experience with working on IPad Pro on Shadow as a designer/ gamer? (whether or not using the magic keyboard for iPad Pro). Like to hear from you guys :)

1 reply

I started using it on my ipad pro 10 in today.  its pretty amazing just as it is on a PC.  limits I have seen so far are just screen size and finding a usable resolution.  Of course you have to make sure your internet connection is pretty strong wifi wise.  there is some stutter on my side but that is because I haven’t really dedicated a connection for just my ipad.  Milage may vary but for me its a HUGE step closer for me to adopt a iPad as my main work computer.  I use a USBC travel hub from anker that I plud a USB keyboard\mouse combo and when I want a larger screen I plug in a HDMI cable connected to a 27 in monitor.