Experience working on IPad Pro with magic keyboard on Shadow ?

  • 22 February 2021
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I like to create this topic cause I have the newest Ipad Pro, and I am planning to buy a magic keyboard for using the Ipad Pro as a laptop. ***What are your experience with working on IPad Pro on Shadow as a designer/ gamer? (whether or not using the magic keyboard for iPad Pro). Like to hear from you guys :)

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2 replies

I started using it on my ipad pro 10 in today.  its pretty amazing just as it is on a PC.  limits I have seen so far are just screen size and finding a usable resolution.  Of course you have to make sure your internet connection is pretty strong wifi wise.  there is some stutter on my side but that is because I haven’t really dedicated a connection for just my ipad.  Milage may vary but for me its a HUGE step closer for me to adopt a iPad as my main work computer.  I use a USBC travel hub from anker that I plud a USB keyboard\mouse combo and when I want a larger screen I plug in a HDMI cable connected to a 27 in monitor.  

I use shadow with 2020 ipad pro + magic keyboard, for the most part it works fairly well, the resolution is a bit odd so I normally scale windows to 150% or everything is tiny. 

I also use a usb c hub and connect a usb keyboard/mouse and HDMI for gaming like @Queball99 said above. 

However my mouse scroll is very tempremental, first I have to use a usb c to usb a adaptor and connect the mouse directly to the ipad  > boot into shadow > check scroll is working > connect all up to usb hub and then scrolling will work… bit of a pain! 

Also since the last beta update my xbox controller and keyboard stops working after gaming for a few minutes, pause button still works but other inputs aren’t working so tonight I’m going to switch back to main client and try that one for now. 

Overall its pretty good but I’ve had various problems like unable to boot and having to contact support to get them to fix it on their end a few times. Bit frustrating but since I turned Windows update off most issues seem to have gone away to be fair.