How about the ability to connect multiple users to the same Shadow for the purpose of "local" multi-player?

  • 28 May 2020
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Basically, this:

You log in as usual and Shadow streams the screen and controls to you like normal. You send a friend a link and a duplication of your screen is simultaneously sent to them, but with them assigned a different controller # (or alternatively the same controller # if they're helping you or you're taking turns on a single player game).

Perhaps even have separate "monitors" so that you each can have your own screen so that it doesn't have to be splitscreen multiplayer.


1 reply


Steam already has a remote local multi-player functionality that lets you play local co-op online with your friends. I also don’t think streaming to multiple locations as well as taking in inputs from various locations would be smooth at all. 

Theoretically you could *already* stitch this sort of thing together with shadow, though I doubt you’d get proper controller support or good latency, and it’d be a lot of work. Sharing your shadow screen (easy part) over something like Discord and then setting up a type of input forwarding that allows your friend(s) to send inputs to your desktop which is focused on Shadow. There are a handful of ways you could approach the input forwarding, some more elegant than others, but I think even with strong internet you’d see noticeable latency problems.