How much space should I have on a new install?

  • 18 August 2020
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My Shadow was activated this week, pretty exciting!


When I first took my PC over, I felt like there was over 200GB of the 256GB SSD available.  I also added 500GB of hard drive storage.

However, after installing just 2-3 small apps like 1 password, and one game (2013 Tomb Raider only 10GB), I am down to 170GB.  Tomb Raider 10GB is the biggest thing I installed.  I was staying over 200, and only noticed the 170GB after being away a few hours and doing a couple restarts.  

Could this be windows updates in the background or something that took all this space?  


How much space do you all normally have on a pretty much brand new Shadow PC?


Finally, I will say it sure is cool to put Shadow in a Mac “spaces desktop” and quick key or mouse back and forth between Mac and Windows, you wouldn’t even know it’s a cloud PC!  


To follow up, it seems over 65GB of my space is in system files.  Only around 14GB is to apps.  Is that much in system files normal? Thank you. 


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On my Shadow VM, my OS/system consumption is a bit under 40GB, but I’m aggressive at keeping things cleaned up. Someone wrote an article regarding the Disk Cleanup utility in Windows:

There are some other things to do, if you need to clean up MS Store apps/games that don’t uninstall all the way...for that see:



Thank you Jim29er.  As I’ve only had the system a little over a day, I might wipe it and start over then. Thank you for the advice.  


Ok, I found over 34GB was Windows Optimization Files used for uploading to other computers on your network.  I deleted those and turned off the feature (I think).  Hopefully that helps!