I have many questions about Shadow pertaining to privacy?

  • 26 July 2021
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First, this is amazing. I installed the pso2 ngs benchmark character creator and I was able to run it through shadow (I didn’t have avx on my computer so this is truly amazing).

However, I have so many questions. For example, I have to create things like passwords through games, confirm the email, etc. Is this information safe in our shadow?


Is anyone able to view what is happening on the screen?
Is it safe to put things on there we don’t want others to see?

Or should be consider shadow basically a public computer?


While the benchmark shows good results, I noticed that the game was actually glitching every second. For example if I turn my character in character creator, I noticed that it stops for .15 seconds then starts, stops, then starts. Why?

Is this due to my upload speeds? Its only between 5-10mb/s. Do I need more upload?
My download is at 60mb/s

3 replies

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Hello my friend, then I believe that your connection can be effectively at stake for your second questioning.

Then, I reassure you all your passwords are totally secure in Shadow, I have myself in the past made an experiment in SQL and try by a virus installed by myself to access my own files and it is very difficult. 

But all is not impossible, you are responsible for what you do with your shadow as with your classic computer. 

I hope to have answered you a minum! ❤️


In other words, I can safely use it like a personal computer correct?

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In other words, I can safely use it like a personal computer correct?

exactly, shadow gives you a machine you decide what to do with it! : )