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  • 27 May 2020
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Hey all! New to the forums (as most are) and thought I’d post a little something to give everyone a place to post their opinions! 
I recently lost my android phone and discovered that the Shadow App is actually in the Apple store and downloaded it right away. Off the bat I noticed that the game list wasn’t there when I logged in and that’s okay to me, no big deal. Actually I didn’t have much issues on it to be honest and so far I’ve used it about 3 times so I’ll deff need more time to mess around with it.

anyway, what are you alls opinions on it? Anyone prefer the iOS build over the android? Vice versa? Let me know what you think!


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2 replies


I personally think version 3.0.0 has been made quite poorly.

  1. They Haven’t implemented ios split screening properly on ipad - half the screen is cut off.
  2. They Haven’t implemented background audio play.
  3. No mouse and keyboard support (though keyboard support is enabled in the beta)

Honestly surprised version 3.0.0 got the green light to be released in its current state. I understand they had to remove the launcher to comply with apple but did they really need to destroy all the other features with it? 



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I have an iPad Pro 2020 with the new Magic Keyboard and this is my sole device for accessing Shadow. For information my internet speed is 300Mbps Up/Down and my house is covered by TP-Link Deco M5’s forming a mesh network. 

Here are my thoughts:


  • Support for keyboard is perfect. Really useful when logging into Steam etc.
  • Xbox One Controller support is seamless. I have nearly completed Jedi Fallen Order and the experience has been flawless.
  • Mouse support is rudimentary at the moment. In the beta it is much better and I am more relieved that it is supported than anything. I have been playing XCOM 2 which is very mouse heavy and whilst the experience isn’t perfect it is still enjoyable. Jump Desktop have mouse support done really well but performance through the app isn’t as good as the Shadow app.


  • So far I have played Jedi Fallen Order which is running at max settings. I am playing on my iPad resolution and the quality 99% of the time is flawless. The game runs smoothly and looks great on my screen.
  • When my Wi-Fi connection drops I do see the occasional artefact but this is rare to be honest.
  • Games I’ve tried:
    • GTA V - Ultra - looks amazing
    • Jedi Fallen Order - Ultra - Very smooth
    • XCOM 2 - Ultra - Runs perfectly
    • Watch Dogs 2 - Ultra - Occasional slowdowns
    • Oxygen Not Included - Perfect
    • Hob - wouldn’t run - This is an issue with Epic Games launcher I think
    • Kingdom Come - Ultra - looks great


  • I have a really solid internet connection and good Wi-Fi coverage in my house which reflects in the great performance I experience. As the iOS app doesn’t currently auto-adjust bandwidth I do find myself having to change it when I am further away from the Wi-Fi AP.
  • During the daytime (Up till about 17:00) I can access no problem. I am finding that in the evenings (Probably peak time) I often have to wait a while for the Shadow to start and login. I guess this is due to contention server-side but I do find this frustrating as the app doesn’t give me any indication. I simply press start shadow → wait for it to fail then press start shadow again.


  • Most of my issues revolve around audio breaking up. When using the speakers on my iPad this isn’t frequent and audio is generally flawless.
  • Using bluetooth headphones (Airpods and others) I can find that there are a lot more breaks in the audio. This isn’t all the time but makes me think that audio is a lower priority than controller input and visual so is more likely to break-up first.
  • I haven’t tried wired headphones yet.


Probably my biggest frustration aside from not always being able to login first time is that I get signed out of Steam and UPlay nearly every single time I start my Shadow. If I shutdown myself then Steam sometimes holds my login but most times when I connect I have to sign in. This is worse as I have a complicated password in a password manager and 2FA enabled. This is amplified by the 30min timeout currently in operation(Covid-19) so I am logging in all the time.



I love my shadow. I have always been a PC gamer but don’t have the space for a gaming PC; consoles have never really been my thing so Shadow enables me to play the latest games on the device that suits me. The service is constantly improving at the price is great. Keep up the great work!!!