is shadow the best cloud gaming Service? read for my opion

  • 27 May 2020
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Well as shadow let’s you have your own pc and gives you a lot of tweaks for you bandwidth. I suggest going for shadow only $11 for A yearly subscription of shadow boost  and $15 for an monthly subscription of shadow boost it’s an unbelievable deal. Shadow used to be $35 that’s crazy. But my opinion does not matter just by price it’s how it performs. Now as shadow does have bugs and problems. It’s still and great cloud gaming service I suggest going with shadow because anyway the time is long for activation it’s worth it you don’t have any interruptions on your games and gameplay shadow supports up to 15mbps but works better with no packet loss and low ping. I really enjoy there community and I know you would to. If you want to have an great talk with amazing people I suggest put your preorder in and head over to the discord shadow. Has many options for editors and gamers join the community now.!!! 

this is my opinion please respond below on your thoughts.

8 replies


Yep Got to love Shadow Hands Down Best out there 

Been With Them Since 2018

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It’s truly ama

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Love my Shadow too! I have 100 Mbps down and 35 Mbps up Fibre internet, that helps a lot I’m sure. But some days I still can’t believe I’m playing Borderlands 3, COD WW2 and Doom Eternal on a 2009 Mac Mini, thanks to Shadow. Or those same games on my Galaxy S20 when the kids are watching Netflix on our main TV. Truly amazing. 


Stadia stutters and freezes on my Mac Mini, Geforce takes a long time to load any games but does play fine.

the base config needs more storage. 1TB should be standard

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In my opinion, Shadow is the best out there. Especially now being $15 or so a month. Totally worth it.

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I mean, I guess?


Its really what you are going to use it for. 

For example, GFN has no storage caps, and it's 4.99 a month, but you are restricted to 2000 unmodded games. So yes you give up customization for a cheaper price and in my opinion a slightly easier configuration for users who are not tech-savvy.


Compared to Shadow which can be used for really more than just games, but three times the price and only 256 GBs of a Solid State, which to be fair if you are doing video editing is poor.


And frankly, any other streaming service in my opinion is irrelevant, so you kinda have two choices, but it comes down to this. What are your needs? Just want to play Fortnite or CSGO with friends and have stable gameplay for an affordable price? Then maybe GForceNow is a really good option. But if you want to mod games, and might use various services that require graphical rendering power that you cant afford, then though 15.99 a month is 3 times the price, you get more freedom, and more opportunities with the system.


On a final note, we can both agree if we are GFN or Shadow users, stadia is the worst ;)


Let me know what you guys think.

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I agree. Don't forget there is a free tier on GFN too. So I use GFN for those games that work well there and Shadow for games that aren't supported or companies that don't want to support GFN. 

Stadia yeah it's a nonstarter for me. I really don't want to recreate friends lists, buy games over again, etc

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Shadow isn’t Cloud gaming but cloud computing. You can do what you want as like your computer is in you home. Cloud gaming = games only (and one store), cloud computing = games, works, editing, everything your want.