msfs2020 HOTAS Warthog etc

  • 15 December 2020
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I am retired, thus will not be able to afford to update my gear to the latest and greatest any longer.


I have built all my P.C.s since the early eighties...some 14 or 15 I believe  The current one stores multi Tbytes. I fly the msfs2020 and X-Plane 11.50 on the following:


I7-6700K/ GTX1080TI WITH 32GB RAM

PIMAX 5K plus with Valve index controllers

Quest2 with virtual desktop.

and the following controllers:

Saitek combat rudder pedals, 

wireless Xbox 350 controller for windows,

ThrustMaster HOTAS Warthog


Spectrum 230Mb/s ,12Mb up,ping40 

Will I be able to be happy If I sell my Pimax, index controllers and PC 


subscribe to Shadow Cloud instead?  How will I use my controllers?  ?


How does SC Get my software on their VM? 5000 hours of uploading?


Really interested; doubtful but cautiously optimistic.




Should I wait a couple of years and ask these questions then?


The very best of luck to y’all!


Chas with over 500 test videos (95% flight simming)


Thanks,and have a healthy, challenging and fruitful day!



4 replies

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Hi there,

In order to use the HOTAS and pedals with Shadow, you’d need to use the “USB-forwarding” feature, which can have problems on connections with latency above 35ms...or if there is significant jitter (changes in latency). Some people resort to using VirtualHere for peripheral forwarding instead, but that isn’t perfect either.

In terms of what gets installed on the Shadow VM, that is all on you to do - it’s a GPU-accellerated Windows 10 computer that you need to maintain like any other.

My advice would be to not sell anything, and try the subscription from your existing setup to see how things go.

 Thanks for your cogent reply Jim. As I thought and what Microsoft DLs to me is not going directly to my Win10 virtual machine in the 

cloud, rather I need to download it and then upload it to the shadow cloud which would be in abysmally slow process… Please tell me that I’m wrong because we’re talking about 150 GB just for the basic install of Microsoft flight simulator 2020, so with 10 Mb up which is all Spectrum of affords me, even though they give me 250 down, it seems like it would take days to “download/upload the simulator to my shadow machine.

y’all stay well, and make someone you don’t know happy for the holidays.


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@HeSynergy Well, you likely wouldn’t need to upload anything from your local computer into the Shadow would just install MSFS on it “fresh,” and then sync any saves and such. The Internet speeds for the Shadow VMs are good - 1Gbps down, 100Mbps up.

Ahhhhh….I’ll look for MSFS2020 install tutorials then! ...I noticed legit flight controllers are dubious even epithet the USB/Ethernet connection...if PC flight controllers seem to be problematic,I wonder how Shadow is going to handle MSFS2020 going VR on the 22nd

Thanks Jim!