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  • 1 March 2022
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How does the new referral plan work? 


We could’ve also titled this topic “how to get your Shadow for free”. Both work! 


Because yes, thanks to the referral system, you can enjoy Shadow for free! Magical? Almost. Let us explain this amazing trick. 


Each time you refer someone with your code, you get -1 (currency varies based on geographical location) off your bill, for life, as long as your referee stays subscribed. For example, let’s say Thomas talked about Shadow to 5 of his friends. They all stay on Shadow until for life (and so does Thomas, because who would ever even think about getting another computer?). This means Thomas will enjoy -5 (currency varies based on geographical location) off hi bills each month, during his entire life! 


Makes sense? Want to enjoy this system and get your computer for free?


Well you can check your account page to see your code (via the ‘Referral’ tab) and monitor your referrals! 


Have more questions? You can check out our Referral, Promo, and Sponsor Codes help center article.


How many do you have already? Tell us everything :)

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