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  • 2 March 2021
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Hello everyone, finally found a cool solution to some gaming, working and 4k video, utilizing the shadow pc app and a nvidia shield pro 2019.   Anyways i have a few questions , so instead of boring everyone, can anyone just point me in the direction of a great comprehensive guide. one that might cover adding a wireless printer to work with shadow, best set ups, controllers, etc so i can sift through myself. thanks so much, glad to be here. 




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Regarding the Nvidia Shield and Shadow, a good place to start is:

There is some stale information in that thread, but still worth reading. The Shield TV is my Shadow platform-of-choice as well, although I do use macOS and Windows clients too.

Regarding the wireless printer, that sounds’d probably need to implement some port-forwarding on your router so that the Shadow VM could hit it, but that’s just my hot take.