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I have a question and i'm not sure if this is the right place. 

I have a new imac and of course i want to use shadow there. I installed shadow and write my email and password. Because of security reasons shadow want me to write a number that they will send me by email. But there is my problem, i don't get any email. Of course i checked the right email acc and checked my spam. But i don't get any email. I have the same problem when i order a new passwort. I don't get an email from shadow. Does any one  has a solution?


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When you log in on here and your account on the main website, is your email correct there and working? How did you find out your shadow box was ready? 

I’d check your junk, any filter rules you might have on


Yes the email is correct and works, because i get a Message that you write here something. I thing its no probleme with junk or icloud (i use gmail) because i get an email of your answer.


I think it is no Problem from Apple or icloud. I have an Android Phone and there is the same problem. When i forgote my password and want to send me an email, but i don't get this email to make a new password. I know my password but i want to show that shadow doesn't send my emails.

On my old system, a macbook shadow works normal. I login there with my email today.


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Hey @PolygonDavid 
Best would be creating a support ticket via your account page. Shadow is aware of the issue, but more data is always good. 

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This issue should be fixed by now.

Yes, all works normal now. Thanks.