Options for Shadow Gaming

  • 2 September 2020
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Currently awaiting my shadow boost activation I pre ordered in June for the October release with the intention of purchasing shadow ghost if and when it becomes available I see there is still no information on a release for ghost so I'm wondering what is the best way to run shadow from my tv would it be an nvidea shield? Also I was looking into purchasing Flight Sim 2020 has anyone had experience playing this game this far with shadow and has information on how it performs?

1 reply

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Android TV has a Shadow app which works alright most of the time, I would advise using a Ethernet connection with it though as WiFi (even 5Ghz) hasn’t had great results for me personally. You could use a Shield but best results I’d go with a Shadow Ghost. Try the Discord server as sometimes people are selling them on there. 

You could also get a reasonably good laptop, install the Windows Shadow app or an Android Tablet and use the Android app. Both work pretty well, though they have quirks (Android mouse support is b**ls).

I can’t say how Flight Sim 2020 would run as I don’t want to cannibalise what little storage Shadow offers to get enough space back to install it. It will easily eat away around half your HDD space (120 - 150 GB) so it’ll put a dent in anything else you want to install.

I would say I see no reason why Flight Sim 2020 wouldn’t run great even on the current Boost tier.