Privacy question about potentialy unknowingly sharing screen

  • 12 April 2021
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last week I’ve logged  to Steam, as I was not sure about typing correctly my password, I displayed it before submitting the form.

Later I bought a game and filled my credit card information.

I just realized that anyone with a desktop sharing tool could, with a simple screenshot, keep a copy of my Steam password and my credit card information. (except the short code which was hidden)

I’m confident Shadow team is respectful of privacy , but what is the policy related to desktop/screen access by the Shadow team?


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Their visual access is going to be limited to the console of the running virtual machine.

It’s unclear if the VM console displays what we see during our sessions (I’m guessing not, but don’t know for sure).

It’s not anything that I’m losing sleep over.

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Let me make this clear. Only you have access to your computer, and only you can know what’s stored in it. We cannot see your personal files or what you are physically doing on your Shadow. However, our systems monitor your usage hardware component usage (CPU, GPU etc.) to control the temperature and energy consumption in the data centers, we may also take any actions deemed necessary if our Terms of Use are violated or if any legal actions are forwarded towards your account. This includes terminating your subscription. ~ Blitzcrank (was shadow staff at this time) 



Hi, thanks both of you for your answers.

About the Terms of Use, there is no surprise, any abuse is subject to breach of contract, or even legal action, it seems quite usual.

In fact, I know my Shadow account is not my computer, but the property of Blade, so I wouldn't be shocked if there were some «visual» check. I was just curious, and if it was the case I would have made a little hello :grin:

edit: please can someone help me changing the best reply from my answer to @Phobos’ answer;  I must be very tired for having made this mistake, and don’t find how to correct it.

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@ashledom A moderator might do that, but it is not that important. People with the same question will find their answer in this post which is all that matters :D