Programming on my Shadow PC

  • 3 February 2022
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One of the reasons I switched from GeForce Now to Shadow was the prospect of coding in Unity, especially their ML-Agents package. I was worried that machine learning might be against the ToS (I've read about some of the bigger machine learning models trained by Google/Nvidia using more energy than the lifetime multiple cars) so I submitted a ticket asking about shadows policy on machine learning. The response I got said that network computing is against the ToS... nothing about ML. I tried to clarify that I was talking about A.I. and the support "hero" responded saying he would ask his team. He later replied saying that A.I./Machine Learning is indeed considered to be a form of network computing and not allowed on shadow. This doesn't make any sense as ML is basically just matrix multiplication, but at an extreme scale. Anyone know what this person means? What other kind of code might be considered "network computing"?

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