Shadow is just simply brilliant!

  • 16 October 2021
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Hi all, new user here and had this amazing machine less than 1 week and it never fails to amaze me and its quite simply stunning. My setup is boost with 1tb extra storage and running it via an nvidia shield tv pro but you would never guess it given the performance, and you would expect to find a high end gaming pc somewhere in here but no just my trusty shield and it is handling it amazingly well. I have installed virtual here on my shield and the client on shadow and i now have access to my usb peripherals which just adds to this wicked setup with android currently being unsupported in that area at the moment. A couple of issues i needed resolving on starting up due to being new and support have been sensational with their help and very quick and responsive so thankyou to them. My family have 3 of the amazing machines now in less than a week and each one was ready in about a day and the fastest 1hr 30 mins from purchase. Games are a dream to play and all this being done on my shield android device. Very very well done for such an awesome piece of kit. Keep up the awesome work from one very happy uk customer.

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